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Stocklist - sample 

If you are interested in the items listed here and if they aren't in the webshop then you can order them sending an email to:

After recieving your order we will calculate the total including shipping and we will contact with you again.

Abbreviations and symbols

** = Mint Never Hinged

* = Mint Hinged

(*) = Mint NO gum

O = Postmarked / Used

Mi. = Michel

Yv. = Yvert et Tellier

Sc. = Scott

Sg. = Stanley Gibbons

Set = Full Set of stamps

Sgl = Incomplet set

Bl. = Block or Souvenir Sheet

B4 = Block of 4

MS = Miniature Sheet

FS = Full Sheet

COV = Cover

FDC = First Day Cover

TMAX = Maximum Card

DOC = Other postmarked document

OPP = On paper

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